Mission and Vision


  • To protect and extend the principle of “respect for the supplier and the consumer” that Kula has not compromised since the day it was established,
  • To make no concessions regarding quality manufacture,
  • To make permanent the sustainable growth process which the company embraced in the food, animal feed and broiler chick production,
  • To move up in the list of top 750 companies of Turkey through steady growth,
  • To improve its productions that have been carried out in compliance with food safety regulations at all times by means of integrated investments the same way as ever before…


  • To produce food primarily for human consumption as hygienic, fresh and reliability certified as well-deserved by every person,
  • To preserve and maintain the esteem that the company has gained through not only its production but also the approach towards its consumers
  • To make productions with particular priority attached to public health for items such as oil, egg and chicken that the company offers for public consumption,
  • To attach particular priority to animal health during feed production since animals are the capital of the animal breeders and milk producers,
  • To make production according to regional needs and conditions,
  • To produce in an environment conscious manner, while preserving and embracing the environment as a company all productions of which take their roots from the soil, sun, water and clean air.