Social Responsibility

Believing that every establishment should, as much as they can, use their gains from the lands of this country to make investments that will meet the needs of people living on this land, the most important investment of Kula in terms of Social Responsibility has been realized in the field of education. Following the loss of Rahmi Kula, a very dear senior family member, a school was built in memory of his name. Construction of said school started in 1995 and was completed and donated to the Ministry of National Education in 1997. This school named Rahmi Kula Anadolu Lisesi (Rahmi Kula Anatolian High School) is a 4-storey building built on an area of 12.000 square meters and was inaugurated by President Süleyman Demirel in the 1997-1998 school year. The building houses a conference hall for 200 people, 21 classrooms, a library with 1500 books, laboratories for physics, chemistry-biology and computers with internet connection, a multi-functional hall, 3 administrative rooms, 2 teachers’ lounges, offices and a storeroom.

The needs of Rahmi Kula Anadolu Lisesi, which is a source of pride for Kula with its alumni and the high rate of university entries from Balıkesir, are carefully followed up. As a result of this, a sports hall that was needed by the school was built on the gardens of the school complex by Kula in 2006 and was named after Emine Kula, wife of Rahmi Kula. Along with 2 basketball, 2 volleyball and 2 mini football courts, there is also a carpeted football field open to public at the Emine Kula Indoor Sports Hall. With its tennis court and a student dining hall seating 300 people, Emine Kula Indoor Sports Hall is capable to offer everything necessary for the body health of young population.