Ahmet Kula and Sons, who focused only on producing crude sunflower oil until 1968, started producing animal feed under the brand name Emek Yem (Emek Feed) in 1989. Emek Yem, who got into “Top 10 Feed Producing Companies of Turkey” in the third year of its establishment, produced 100.000 tons of feed in 2011. At Emek Yem, where daily feed production is 35 tons per hour, mainly more than 30 types of cattle and poultry feed are produced.

Emek Yem, which has a dealer network of more than 150 and is a well-known, sought for and preferred brand in Marmara and Aegean regions, is in the leading position in Balıkesir for feed production and sales. Emek Yem, produced from high nutritional value natural products, and  gained the trust of not only meat and milk producers but also chicken and egg produces as well, is the flagship of Kula Yağ and Emek Yem.